Who am I?

I am Hubert Mijalski based in Poznań, Poland, a Fullstack Developer with over three years of professional experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

I am mainly interested in C#/.NET, but I do not limit myself to other opportunities. I have experience working with the latest technologies in the .NET ecosystem, like Blazor or .NET6. In addition, I have been working with JavaScript and frontend frameworks, like Angular or Svelte. I have created multiple online games with .NET servers and asynchronous communication realized with SignalR. I have experience creating SaaS applications and a big knowledge of the ASP.NET Boilerplate. I have aquired the AZ-900 certificate (Azure), but I also have experience working with other cloud providers (AWS, Heroku, Netlify).

I started my journey with programming at a very young age, when I used to make games in C++, and then after getting my first Android smartphone, I started creating games on that platform, with a good degree of success.

In high school I learned C#, to make games in Unity and that’s when I found out about .NET framework. At college, I got introduced properly to web development and self-thought myself JavaScript and CSS and started creating my first websites.


Screenshot of the Distributed Task Solving Dashboard My Bachelor’s Degree thesis, created in a group. The project allows uploading WASM algorithms to be calculated on other devices, allowing for at-scale computation to be done without any need for cloud providers. The client-to-server communication has minimal overhead and is highly scalable.

Screenshot of the DynamicCorsPolicy nuget page DynamicCorsPolicy nuget package lets users change at runtime the allowed origins with small overhead (none if the origin is predefined at startup). The project was a small success, with its niche.

Screenshot of Research Aggregator website Research Aggregator is a place to find resources for topics. A great website for anyone trying to learn something new. It’s created with Svelte and .NET5.

Screenshot of hashash website Hashash is a reddit clone. It’s created with Svelte and .NET5.

PixelWorld is a online paint that allows all users to draw freely in real time. Created using .NET and SingalR + PhaserJS. Screenshot of pixel world

Screenshot of EpicBoost.eu website Epicboost.eu was a website for League of Legends boosters and players. It featured login, registering, payments, live chat and tracking of orders. Written in ASP.NET Core.

WorkPlanner started as a project that allows users to exchange time shifts at work. The server and dashboard was written using abp.io and Blazor. React Native was used for the consumer application. Sadly, it was not finished :(


I have also made multiple PhaserJS and Unity games, check them out:

Blockdoku clone - a puzzle game, you can play it here. Screenshot from my game Screenshot from Blockdoku

Life Game is a small commentary on the passing time of our lives, and you can experience it here. Screenshot from my game Screenshot gameplay from Life Game

Quick Maths is a math game, that tests yours skills. You are given an answer and you have to use the numbers and basic mathematic operations to get to it. Download it here. Screenshot from my game Screenshot from Quick Maths

Orbitz is a angry-birds-like game, making you shoot a comet at a beam from other planets. Play it here. Screenshot from my game Screenshot from Orbitz

Pizza Catcher is a game about tournament for the best pizza delivery guy, that can be determined only in a catching pizza competition. Made in 72 hours. Download it here. Screenshot from my game Screenshot from Pizza Catcher